14 Aug

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12 Dec

number 13 was sold :(

then there was 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18

we fell in love with 18 but mr geomancer said no.

will 19 be better? sigh…

1 Dec

house hunting


so it all started in Oct. my dream was always to stay as near to my current place as possible. and dearest is ok with the idea.


1) blk 67, high floor. as small as 61 and there are fewer windows and the worse part is there’s west sun.

2) blk 61, 17th floor. almost perfect except for the price and that it doesn’t have a store room. his dad vetoed against it.


then we stopped searching. dearest said the prices are too high, and they will drop soon.

resumed search in 2nd week in Nov after shortlisting other areas. figured we can’t just focus on near to home.


3) blk 715, high floor. place had strange walls making the effective space smaller than it really is. moreover the place is so dirty, you really don’t feel comfortable in it. like the large service yard though.

4) blk 718, top floor. same layout as 715 but much more well-maintained. he didn’t want to consider top floor.

5) blk 30, top floor. gorgeous view. all the view you can wish for: greenary, train, pool, sea, planes, ferries, city, basically everything. again, too small for the hefty price tag.

6) blk 72, mid floor. similar size as blk 61 but we still viewed this as this has a storeroom. but there is west sun.

7) blk 60, mid floor. sort of cheated because there is west sun but the agent said there isn’t.

8) blk 702, mid floor. nice unit number and lovely layout but there is west sun in the living room and 2 other bedrooms.

9) blk 420B, top floor. very nice and spacious layout. but this is corridor unit and top floor was not in consideration.

10) blk 492D, mid floor. out because it is not corner unit, and also right beside expressway.

11) blk 491D, high floor. nice layout. very squarish with huge kitchen. price is reasonable and location is very near amenities and bus stop. he didn’t like it as much as i did. so this was out. when we wanted to consider this a week later, it was sold.

12) blk 493B, high floor. spacious place and this place got us confused. we like the feel of the place because of its location and clean feeling. but it had the strangest layout, like a fan. once you step through the main door, you can see all the rooms, including the kitchen.

13) well… this is the closest we are getting to liking the same place. hopefully the facing of the house is suitable for us. if so, we might consider putting in an offer. *fingers crossed* let’s see how it goes before i reveal the place :p


1 Dec

it was a long disappearing act. almost 6 months. lots and lots of things happened in this 6 months.

… … …

too lazy to list them down lol.


i’m back today to make a note about house hunting. and that’s all.

3 Jun

yo! i have a new (additional) blog. just pics, videos and short thoughts.

check it out here!

heart or mind

31 May

which will you choose?

which should i choose?


14 May

bad day at work

first, a colleague snapped at me. just cos he’s in a bad mood.

then, one of the bosses wrote me an email blaming me cause he couldn’t come up with an explanation for something during his meeting.

which part of me look like a 出气筒???



12 May

happened to glance at my left wrist this morning, saw the distinct mole and immediately thought of george’s departure in grey’s.

george jumped in front of a bus and was badly hurt beyond recognition hence he was labelled as john doe. eventually, meredith identified john doe to be george. all because john doe used his fingers to write ‘007’ in meredith’s palm.

george died later and everyone was mourning until someone asked how did meredith identify him. when they heard it’s based on ‘007’ they couldn’t believe it. everyone wanted to think that meredith was wrong.

at this point torres said george has a texas-shaped freckle on his palm and she went to check it out. that’s how john doe was finally identified as george.

so when i saw my mole this morning, i felt that i should declare to all my frens and loved ones. just in case. just in case i become a jane doe one day (choy choy choy), i will write “K1” on your palm. and if that isn’t a clear enough indication, check for an oval shaped mole on my left wrist.


i would tell you all about my other moles and scars but that would get too intimate. LOL…


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